Anti-seismic safety device
The T-Trovo shower box consists of:

  • structural frame ensuring very high resistance to weight and shocks
  • audible warning device in the event of seismic vibrations
  • shower base
  • walls in material with high shock resistance, with the possibility of customizationw
  • atertight housings, with easy-to-open doors, for the emergency kit: thermal blanket, synthetic ice, tourniquet, dust mask, water, generator light, medicines, etc.
  • upper panel with fine particulate filter, emergency light, position-finding devices to speed up rescue operations
  • electricity back-up to function even when the power is out, for periods of time to be defined
  • device to send SMSs and pre-recorded calls to ask for help and indicate position. The sending of these messages will be activated when:
    • specially calibrated sensors detect seismic activity
    • the box loses its verticality
    • a manual button is activated.
  • Upon request, emergency call reception may be enabled, in order to verify the actual danger. The person who transmitted the messages can then communicate his or her conditions following the event that has taken place.

The equipment may be adjusted and customized to meet the needs of the individual user.