The serenity of feeling protected in the event of seismic events


The T-Trovo box is a special shower stall that offers both utility and safety.
The idea arose from the desire to offer a high degree of anti-seismic protection in homes, employing a commonly used object capable of accommodating one or more persons, that is affordable and easy to install.
Understanding the objective difficulty of being able to secure certain types of homes especially in historic centres, the T-Trovo team has focused on providing protection to people and giving them an affordable tool, within everyone’s reach, guaranteeing their safety even in extreme situations. The T-Trovo stall has in fact been tested to withstand the fall of a large quantity of debris, estimated at about 20.000 kg (20KN) from above, and approximately 1,000 kg of lateral thrust.
The quality of the materials used, and the technological systems it is equipped with, make the T-Trovo stall an excellent, internationally-recognized tool for protection from earthquakes.

Who is it for?
Affordable and easy to assemble and install in any home, it is dedicated above all to people living in old and/or historic buildings that are hard to seismically secure.